cureoscity Support the Xmas Party Heroes Campaign

29 December 2020    -    1 min read

Covid-19 cancelled thousands of Christmas parties in 2020. As with manyother companies the Cureoscity team were unable to get together safelyin person to celebrate individual and combined achievements, following arecord year.

Xmas Party Heroes, devised by Mark Hawthorn of Landmark Group, invited companies to pledge funds that would otherwise have been spent on celebrations to charities of all sizes instead.

Most charities saw their entire events season wiped out in 2020 with major fund-raising events cancelled throughout the year. This campaign provided the opportunity for a much needed income boost.

Cureoscity were delighted to pledge the 2020 Christmas party budget to Crisis, enabling the charity to purchase 50 gifts of accommodation, food and gifts for the homeless over the festive period with ongoing support throughout the year ahead

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